Health and Wellness

Healthy Lives!
Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally

God wants us to be healthy and take good care of our bodies, our minds and our spirits. We strive to serve God by serving others. We can do this most effectively when we live a healthy balanced life ourselves, so we can have the energy and balance in our lives to effectively live out this calling to share God’s love with everyone.

As adults, we are living longer and we lead very busy and full lives. If we look at how to serve God here at St. Matthew, and here in our community and even more broadly into the world, it is good to understand what the priority needs are around us. When we look at St. Matthew, we recognize we come in all shapes and sizes, in all age groups, and we all fall into a spectrum of health from very healthy to different levels of unhealthiness. We need to pray and ask God to show us what we should be doing differently to lead healthier lives. We can all support and help one another in the health of our lives by first, educating ourselves and knowing what we can do to become healthier. Secondly, we can then set goals for ourselves to remain accountable. Thirdly, we can find partners and provide loving support to keep each other accountable. Knowing and doing are two separate challenges. But I feel that we as a church have potential to change and improve our health, individually and as a congregation and throughout the world, if we seek God first above all, and live according to His Word, and support one another along the way.

We will partner with each other, our neighbors and community to work together to achieve healthy lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Keep your eyes and ears open to this new focus. Get involved in these opportunities. Start making healthy or healthier choices. Notice healthy options and healthy changes that are happening here at St. Matthew. Seek ways to learn more about God’s love and ways to share that love with others in healthy ways.

To God be all the Glory and Honor!!


Yogadevotion has started here at St. Matthew, on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 pm. Yogadevotion is the practice based on breath, prayer, and movement led by a trained yoga instructor. Yogadevotion helps to encourage healthy living and a peaceful presence. No previous yoga instruction or experience needed. It’s not too late to join us. Contact the church office, Kathy Rosenberg, or Rose Davis to sign up. Our current session runs through May 30. Keep watching here for updates in the fall.


A Matter of Balance is a program designed and offered in partnership with Allina and St. Matthew Lutheran Church to provide adults with the information, tools, and support needed to build practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and to increase activity levels. Learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals to increase activity and change your environment to reduce fall risk factors. The group meets weekly on Thursdays through June 30 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.


Eat, Move, & Live Well is a program designed and offered in partnership among the YMCA and Allina and St. Matthew Lutheran Church to provide adults ages 60+ with the information, tools, and support needed to live long, strong, and happy! Groups meet weekly for 12 weeks, diving into relevant
weekly topics like tips and tricks for eating well in all situations, safe and effective exercise, preventing falls, and much more. Small groups of 6-12 people provide great discussion to help answer questions, problem solve challenges, share ideas, and enjoy the support and encouragement of others with a similar goal of living well in their future.

St Matthew will occasionally be hosting this class. Please call Kathy or Ruth in the church office for more information and registration (required).


End of Life Choices and Funeral Planning: Give your loved ones a gift of “having the conversation”.

It is never too early to plan and communicate your end of life wishes with your loved ones, knowing there may be a time when you cannot speak for yourself – it is a wonderful gift to give your family – to have your wishes made known ahead of a crisis. If you are ever interested in discussing your wishes and choices for your health care directive, or in taking it the next step into planning your funeral service details, we have created resources and people to assist you with those processes and conversations with your family.  Pastor Hugo and or Kathy Rosenberg would be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you have on making funeral plans, just let us know. In addition – Kathy Rosenberg, Rose Davis and Marilyn Kirk are also trained and have the resources to help you in making your end of life wishes known in developing your written health care directive/living will.  Please call Kathy to set up an appointment.