Ash Wednesday Meal

Food Contest!

 Ash Wednesday – March 1

On Ash Wednesday we traditionally hold a food contest for the meal served between Ash Wednesday worship services. To go with our theme, the contest will include mountains of food in the form of meatloaves! Some ideas to get you thinking… traditional meatloaf, meat-less (veggie) meat loaves, mini-meatloaves, mashed potato topped meatloaves, formed/shaped meatloaves, spicy meatloaves, international flavor meatloaves, etc.….

Do you have to bring meatloaf? Is meatloaf not ‘your thing’? Never fear. You may bring anything you wish to share for the Ash Wednesday meal as salads and desserts go great with meatloaf. But in order to enter the meatloaf contest, please follow these directions.

 Meatloaf Contest Directions

  1.  Choose and make a ‘family-size’ meatloaf recipe.
  2.  Bring your meatloaf to the Ash Wednesday (March 1)
  3. Lenten supper between 5 – 5:15 PM.
  4. Register your contest meatloaf in one of the following ways:

Call or email Diane Breit: 763-786-3107 or
Register in the St. Matthew kitchen at the Meatloaf Contest.

Please bring a copy of your recipe*, or email your recipe, to Diane Breit at Meatloaf Cookbooks of submitted recipes will be available at the March 8 Lenten Supper.

5.  Taste the meatloaves and vote for your favorite.

Good Luck!

*Why do I need to provide an accurate copy of my recipe?

1) So anyone with a food allergy/sensitivity can ask and will know what is in a particular dish,


2) So a booklet can be made containing all the submitted recipes for others to make/enjoy.